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Owning a horse is one of the most wonderful privilidges in the world and having a stable for your horse is almost a prerequisite. So, not matter what the daily schedule might be, there is always one job which must be done – cleaning out the stable!

A horse can make a mighty mess in a 12 hr period and dirty or poorly cleaned stables can cause diseases to fester as well as causing a very bad smell. Dirty Stables attract insects and could encourage hoof problems like thrush. Breathing ammonia from bedding left saturated in urine can be harmful to your horse's or pony's sensitive lungs.

The daily stable cleaning routine therefore is of paramount importance. Here are some tips to help you organise your stable cleaning.


1) Stable Fork

2) Rake

3) Wheelbarrow

4) Bucket

5) Broom

6) Rubber Boots

7) Thick Work Gloves

Once you have the basics for stable cleaning, there are wonderful products and combinations of colours etc. for these implements which you can add to on an on-going basis.


  • Move the horse out of the stable

  • Move any loose objects such as horse toys, feed trays etc.

  • Remove all large visible piles of dung – there are some suction cleaning machines and chemical techniques on the market which can help with this chore. This would be particularly helpful if you have more than one stable.

  • Remove wet patches of existing bedding and leave, if possible to dry out for a

  • Toss on the new bedding and smooth it out to cover the stable floor evenly

  • Leave a small area in front of the stable door free from bedding; this will help reduce the bedding that gets walked on pushed outside the stable.

  • Don’t forget to clean the walls of the stable every so often as your horse is likely to lean up against them and his can contribute to the overall smell.