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With some forethought and a sincere commitment, pets can be a wonderful gift to give your family. Before you decide what pet to buy, please do consider that being a bet owner is not all about fluffy kittens and waggy tailed puppies, there is a serious responsibility side to pet ownership.

Horse Loan Scheme
When an equine comes into ILPH care, it is fully assessed by a team of specialists, any rehabilitation need is identified, and treatment undertaken. Once each horse has been fully and successfully rehabilitated we try to find them new homes either as ridden or companion equines. The ILPH Centres assess each equine to determine the kind of work that they are suited to before a new home is found. Horses come into ILPH care from various backgrounds - they may come in as welfare cases, with rehabilitation needs, or they may have been left to the ILPH as a legacy. Depending on their background and conformation they could be re-homed for various uses such as hacking, jumping, driving or showing. We sometimes have youngsters that need to be brought on, and we often have both horses and ponies that for one reason or another cannot be ridden and must be used purely as companions.