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Paddock cleaning and maintenance needs to be undertaken on a seasonal basis

The land needs to be fertilised in Spring to enable the grass to grow. If the Winter has been very severe and wet, the ground will need to be rolled to smooth it out.

Mount a rigorous war on weeds, and pay attention to topping to encourage lush thick grass growth.

Further topping, more fertilizing, grass re-seeding and harrowing.

Attack those weeds again.
During all seasons, you must make sure to remove all dead grass, rubbish, leaves and twigs.
Other areas of paddock maintenance with which you will need to become familiar are

Routine Maintenance
Field Safety
Toil Testing

There are many very knowledgeable websites dealing with each of the above subjects individually, which you can access to acquire further knowledge to help with your paddock cleaning and maintenance.
There is a large range of tools and equipment available for paddock cleaning and maintenance. A large range of mobile paddock cleaners is available which can be attached onto the sides of trucks trailers or mowers, enabling you to drive whilst the machine cleans. They will usually have tipper facilities to enable you to dispose of the debris. This type of equipment can usually be used in all types of paddocks and means your paddock cleaning time is considerable reduced. The suction power enables you to pick up droppings and red worm larvae which helps to improve grazing and reduce your horse’s worm burden.