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Equine Diseases

Equine Diseases - Equine Sinusitis Disease

Symptoms & Treatment for Equine Sinusitis Disease


Description of Equine Sinus Problems

The sinuses are air-filled chambers, connected to the respiratory system and making the overall weight of the skull much lighter. They are situated at the front and sides of the head, around eye-level. There are five sinuses on each side, interlinked and draining into the nasal passages. When the sinuses become inflamed, the condition is called sinusitis.

Causes of Sinusitis Disease:

Sinusitis is caused by any of the following problems – Dental, cysts, infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract, tumours or injury trauma resulting in a discharge accumulating in the sinuses. Sinusitis requires immediate attention from your vet. Usually, sinusitis involves only one side of the head, so discharge is seen at only one nostril.

Symptoms of Sinusitis Disease:


A horse with a sinusitis disease may show any of the following signs:

• a one-sided thick nasal discharge of thick material or sometimes blood
• a nasty smell around the nostril
• any deformity of the facial area
• a discharge at the corner of the eye
• problems chewing food
• breathing with difficulty

Sinusitis discharge can vary in its colour, thickness, and smell according to the extent of the problem going on in the sinus.

Treatment of Equine Sinusitis

Your vet will recommend some of the following treatments depending on the severity of the disease:

Increase pasture time
antibiotic drugs
drain affected area via head-down eating
Surgery (extreme )