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Equestrian Hypnosis


Did you ever feel like hanging up your riding boots?  

Have you lost equestrian confidence with your riding, jumping or dressage?

Are you feeling nervous at the thought of the next equestrian show or event?

Do you have butterflies in your stomach thinking about your next horse ride?

Is your horse calm with other riders & not with you?

Are you making excuses not to horseride. . . it's too windy, it’s too wet ?

Well, don’t worry. Loss of equestrian confidence is very normal. You're not alone.  Most horse riders experience anxiety, loss of confidence and no  motivation at some time in their lives. 

Equestrian Hypnosis treatment can help by restoring that essential confidence.  Your horse is finely tuned to your feelings  & body language. Hypnosis re-builds your confidence which then will be communicated sub consciously to your horse.

Contact us for equestrian hypnosis treatment in Dublin  or Galway or advice on hypnotherapy training courses.