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Whether you are a one-horse owner or a large commercial enterprise, you can have a tailor made Equestrian Arena to suit your own requirements, dimensions and to any specification. Having your own Equestrian Area constructed is almost like having your own house built. There are serious considerations such as planning, good drainage, a solid base, and a sound surface which are the essential groundwork for any equestrian arena.

An Equestrian Arena is an extremely important investment so you need the very best you can afford of subtle blend of design, practical know-how and empathy to both horse and rider. You need to research thoroughly to find the right company for the construction of your equestrian arena. There are many alternatives for you to consider.

Your equestrian arena can be part constructed by a professional company and part DIY construction if you are in a position to do some of the work yourself. Whatever you decide, you will need professional advice to discuss your equestrian arena ideas and expectations, have the site conditions, ground level, access etc… assessed. You equestrian arena will also need consideration of essentials such as electrics, lighting and water.

The main considerations for your equestrian arena therefore are:

Foundation: A solid foundation for your equestrian arena is essential and should be made up of good drainage, a sub-base and a base.

Size: The average size of an equestrian arena is 20metres x 40 metres. A Dressage Equestrian Arena needs to be a little larger – about 20 metres by 60 metres.

Site: Check your potential equestrian arena site to see if you can incorporate as many positives as possible – will there be deep mud in bad weather making access difficult. Are you making the most of any sunshine available – the heat from the sun will help keep the equestrian arena frost-free. Have you chosen the most level site available to you – this will reduce the construction costs such as earth-moving. A line of trees, for example, can help as a windbreaker. Will your equestrian arena be affected by noise and/or distractions nearby?

Drainage: This is one of the most important areas of your equestrian arena. You will need to take the best professional advice here as poor drainage, resulting in water lying on the surface, can turn your equestrian arena into an ice rink in cold weather. Correcting faulty drainage would be extremely expensive at a later date.

Surface: The surface of your equestrian arena will be very much a personal choice. Almost like a tennis court, each person has their favourite surface. The choices for your equestrian arena range from Rubber, Sand, Fibre and Chips . Again, specialist equestrian arena construction companies will be able to advise which surface best suits your site and requirements. Fencing: If your equestrian arena is an outdoor one, you will enjoy looking at the beautiful ranges of oak and chestnut fencing options available. The wood can be left natural or stained based on your preference. Again, many specialist companies will help and advise you on the correct choice for your equestrian arena.

Maintenance: Good maintenance of your equestrian arena will help prolong its life. One of the most important facets is to keep the surface depth to a consistent level. There is a good choice of levellers on the market including the latest laser levelling equipment. The amount of maintenance your equestrian arena will need will depend on the surface you choose and how often the arena is used. Minimal watering of the surface will help control the dust.

Lighting: The proper lighting of your equestrian arena is an important part of the completed project. Whether indoors or out, the correct amount of illumination can make the difference between the use of your equestrian arena being a pleasant riding experience and a seemingly chore-like task. The sheer size of the equestrian arena to be covered makes it especially important to plan ahead regarding proper fixture types, electrical circuit size, and fixture placement. You will want to be able to enjoy it day or night, all year round. If you hire a dedicated equestrian arena construction company to do the work, they will take care of the entire lighting aspect. If you are doing the lighting yourself, your local electrical contractors will be able to assist if you give them the size of the area you want to illuminate. They will have someone on hand to figure out the best light fixtures for your equestrian arena, based on your budget. Consider putting all switches and electrical boxes outside, away from a running or just plain curious horse! We hope your equestrian arena proves a wonderful investment and that you enjoy what every rider dreams of – riding for 365 days of the year!